About us

LINKS EVENT Groupe offers' events organisers customised services :

A wide range of services :
  • General installation,
  • Custom made stands,
  • Turnkey stands,
  • Signage,
  • Exhibitor event services.
From design to completion, LINKS EVENT Groupe undertakes to respect proven industrial processes that are the guarantee for :
  • Quality,
  • Safety and security,
  • Compliance with schedules and delivery times.
Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg, LINKS EVENT Groupe offers support throughout France and also abroad.
LINKS EVENT Groupe, some figures :

Two Sites, Versailles and Lizy-Sur-Ourcq. Significant logistics capacity.

Lizy-Sur-Ourcq, our Logistics platform :

  • 20,000 m² of modular partitions,
  • 10,000 m² of wooden partitions,
  • 2,500 m² of warehousing,
  • 100 m² office space,,
  • a fleet of vehicles…

Versailles, our Head Office.
Over 2,500 exhibitors have already been impressed by managerExpo®.

LINKS EVENT Groupe, references : Batimat, Midest, Made in France, Vignerons Indépendants, Salons des Entrepreneurs, Salons des Seniors, and more.



LINKS EVENT Groupe will be your privileged partner in the organisation of your   Trade Fairs, Conventions, Conferences and Evening events , providing support in all or just some aspects of your projects. studies, design, layout, technical monitoring and coordination, stand building and dismantling.


  • Advise ............
  • Design ............
  • Assess ................
  • Develop ..........
  • Manufacture ............
  • Transport ........
  • Install ..............


managerExpo®, is an intuitive and user-friendly web solution for exhibitors. From a centralised client area, using interactive control tools, you can validate in just a few clicks the essential logistics stages and order a wide variety of events services on line (over 2,000 references). managerExpo® is also a group of business specific exhibitor advisers dedicated to the success of your events. Optimise your ROI with integrated marketing tools : e-invitations, badge readers, catalogue referencing, and more.


A real showcase for your business, turnkey stands provide an affordably-priced alternative, with an extensive range of easily implemented customisations. Using specially designed tools, you can select and assemble your layout options and your communication media. Our advisers are available on a dedicated hotline and will assist you in your project, from its design through to its installation on site, guaranteeing its complete conformity. Collect the keys for your stand and install your brochures... The “ready to exhibit” solution!


We focus our expertise to offer you stressless support in the management of the General Installation and organiser zones of your event. We guarantee total respect for your budget and deadlines and dedicated support for you and your national and international exhibitors.


LINKS EVENT Groupe provides professional support in the creation of your customised stands. We take charge of the design, creation, manufacture, installation, on site assistance and dismantling, with a constant concern for quality and compliance with deadlines. We establish a privileged relationship with you through our dedicated contact person and our range of tools : 3D images, volume models, latest fashion boards, etc.


We design and produce your internal and external signage. Our credo : direct, guide, locate… efficiently and aesthetically. Our aim is to optimise the visibility and the space. Our know-how, combined with the techniques that we master, enables us to offer you both choice and quality for signs, signage and events covers and sheeting.


We create for you the reception, hospitality and VIP stand areas as well as the common and rest areas in the total respect for your budget and deadlines.


LINKS EVENT Groupe is also an imperative shared by all the teams regarding quality, safety and security and sustainable development.


Our quality policy has been developed in collaboration with our providers and employees and enables LINKS EVENT Groupe to control the quality at each stage of the design and the completion of an event. A dedicated team, set up for each event, controls the quality of the products as they leave our workshops (manufacture, storage, packaging), the correct installation (conformity, aesthetics) for which we are responsible and also the level of response and services provided to our clients (hotline, call pickup rate, welcome on site).


In view of the numerous risks associated with the events organisation business, LINKS EVENT Groupe has deployed a number of protection measures, including :

  • Regular controls on the use of individual protection resources during assembly/dismantling and in the workshops.
  • Risk awareness sessions for employees.
  • Labour law compliance checks.
  • Strict selection and regular controls of our providers.
  • Providers’ charter.


LINKS EVENT Groupe is committed to sustainable development :

  • Teleworking,
  • Selective sorting and recycling of waste,
  • Use of recycled materials,
  • On-line management tools,
  • Energy saving,
  • Car sharing,
  • Zero paper target….

and ensures all its partners and providers are equally aware and committed.


Quelques références

Cross-disciplinary expertise and know-how. View some of LINKS EVENT Groupe projects in pictures.


Agencement magasin

The Village

Imcas Annual Congress Paris

Welcome booth area

Cité Centre des Congrès de Nantes

The Lounge

Cité Centre de Congrès de Lyon

Stand Région Midi Pyrénées

Salon des Entrepreneurs Marseille

Signalétique Extérieure

Accueil Salon des Séniors

Porte de Versailles

Salle de Conférences Salon des Séniors

Porte de Versailles

Stand Clé en Main

Salon Midest

Stand Clé en Main

Salon Midest

Agencement Boutique Club Med

Stand Golden Lady

Stand Motiva

Stand MTorres

Vignerons Indépendants

Stand Collectif InterRhône


Available and attentive

A dynamic team of experts at your service, to support you in the success of your projects.


Specialist in the events management business, our cross-disciplinary sales team is on hand to analyse your requirements and enhance your brand and your events. Its missions include offering the appropriate services and products in line with your budget, accompanying and supporting the development of your sales activities. LINKS EVENT Groupe : your events partner.


Our advisers accompany your exhibitors at all keys stages of their preparation and also during the installation on site. Experts in their field, they are able to propose the most suitable event management solutions taking into account the cultural specificities inherent in each type of exhibitor topology. Explore our managerExpo® services solutions.


In charge of the development of your project, our project leaders and Chargés d’Affaires will coordinate all the technical participants during the preparation of your event. In particular, their missions include guaranteeing that the schedule is respected and implementing the quality controls.


Our dedicated work site leaders will lead the assembly and dismantling phases, manage the work site technicians, guarantee the delivery of your events and their compliance with the mutually defined specifications. They will carry out quality inspections on your installations.



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Administrative & Financial


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